Career at Duja

Dear candidates,

We are a genuine team that always tries to improve ourself and open to the inovation.

Bodrum, one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, as a company that contains all the colors of nature, we aim to create the most beautiful place in our guests’ memories. Sincerity, satisfaction, joy and peace is the values of occuring a work environment as much as the guests.

We know that the way of delivering the best quality service to our guests is caring and giving a value to our team members that they deserve, to contribute their development and invest in the future.

Would you like to work with us in our hotel, where we have the right to speak, learn and contribute to the issue that we all care about with a management approach based on respecting for people, and where we always value teamwork by taking strength from each other to be the best?

Please send your recent CV to apply for a job or training to

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